Guesthouse Kowalówka: original wooden pension on Kashubia region: riding school, pool, tennis court, bikes (near Danzig/Gdańsk, Gdingen/Gdynia). Guesthouse Kowalówka: pension on Kashubia region: riding school, pool, tennis court, bikes (near Danzig/Gdańsk, Gdingen/Gdynia). Guesthouse Kowalówka: pension on Kashuby: riding school, pool, tennis court, bikes
Gościniec Kaszuby
Pokoje Gościnne na Kaszubach

We offer 9 rooms (double, twin, triple, quad/family) carefully designed to provide our guests with comfortable accommodation. All rooms are equipped with en-suite bathroom with shower, TV and Wi-Fi.

At our guests’ disposal: a professional riding school, tennis court, relaxation pool of approx. 20 m2, volleyball and basketball pitch, playground, garden-plot for children and a car park.

Room no. 6 » twin
Rooms no. 1, 2, 7, 8 » double
Rooms no. 4, 5 » triple
Rooms no. 3, 9 » quad

Due to the specifics of the offered repose, smoking in the house and consuming high-proof spirits is forbidden throughout the property.

We kindly ask our guests to read our Terms and Conditions.

Rezerwacja pensjonat domek letniskowy
Pensjonat Kaszuby Domek do wynajęcia Trójmiasto Pensjonat koło Trójmiasta pokoje gościnne Trójmiasto pokoje gościnne, domek letniskowy Wasze imprezy, szkolenia, kursy, warsztaty w naszym ośrodku pensjonat, domek do wynajęcia

Guesthouse Kowalówka in Borkowo on Kashubia offers rooms in a picturesque wooden pension as well as a beautiful little wooden cottage to rent. Our guests can enjoy a professional school of horse riding, tennis court and swimming-pool which are situated in the resort. The location in Borkowo near Zukowo is an exquisitely suitable base for sallies on the sea or sightseeing of the Tri-city and so called Kashubian Switzerland. The nearest surrounding of the resort encourages to bathe in the nearby lake, take a stroll or cycle on the Ravine Radunia river and much more.

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Gościniec Kowalówka Pensjonat Kaszuby Pokoje Kaszuby Domek Kaszuby 3 dniowa wycieczka szkolna Kaszuby Trójmiasto

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